About Me

What’s the point?
I’m not exactly sure where this is goin’, but I’ve had it with yelp’s shady review schemes, and I figure that I can post my own reviews, and–possibly–create a space for other folks to post theirs.

From time-to-time, we hear about new businesses, but we’re afraid to try their offerings, or we forget about them. Well, I make it my business to patronize black-owned businesses, local businesses, family-owned businesses, woman-owned businesses, and whatever other underdog businesses. Be clear: this is a weigh station, I guess, not a directory.

Good businesses deserve good attention, and those that fall short need to be notified, in a constructive way. How can we build if we won’t honestly and caringly pull each other’s coats about our weak areas? We can’t. We can, however, be honest. We can tell the truth, get over hurt feelings, and improve. Let’s help each other win.

Bits of randomness appear, too.

When do you post?
Originally, I’d planned to post weekly. I’m not able to honor that commitment. Let’s hope for quarterly posts.

Keeping In Touch

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Peace and best,