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Product Review: Art Frame @ Captured Images Custom Framing

A week or so before my birthday, I’d decided to frame the lone piece of art I’d owned so that I could hang it on the wall. The piece is just a lithograph, but it’s my lithograph, and I didn’t want it rolled-up in the cardboard tube in which it had been shipped. I wanted to look at it, everyday, but I wanted to make sure it’d be protected. In comes Captured Images Custom Framing.

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PRODUCT REVIEW: Yoga @ Black to Yoga

In the age of COVID-19, all manner of service is being offered online, including yoga classes. Am I a yogi? Not really. Did I need a good stretchin’ out? Yes, really. I’ve been a member of Black to Yoga for two years, at least, and I had yet to attend a single session, until last Friday. This is how it went:

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