Art I Don't Care What You Got Ta Say About It Inspiration 

All the Laughs! – Got 2B Real

I’m supposed to be getting a lesson together; I’m supposed to have an agenda ready; I’m supposed to be good to go for this person coming to me in three hours, but I don’t have any of it, and I can get it together because I can’t stop laughin’.

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Inspiration Movies 

Celebrating a Man and His Mirror

Spike Lee’s Malcolm X is one of my favorite movies; I love the soundtrack, too. Yesterday marked the anniversary of the film’s release, which was November 18, 1992. The weekend the movie premiered, I didn’t go see it. I wasn’t allowed to go to the movies. My parents did, however, rent the movie (and bootleg it for their kids’ repeated viewing pleasure, thank you very much) once it hit the video store.

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Art For Pape Inspiration 

God’s Property featuring Kirk Franklin and Cheryl “Salt” James: Stomp

I don’t fancy myself a religious person, but whatever inspires me, then so shall it be. That being written, I’m not a Christian (though my friend, Joy, says I’m in denial), but there are some gospel songs without which I can’t function, and “Stomp” is on of ’em.

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