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Tupac: So Many Tears (1995)

Hours ago, I sat down to write a different post about another favorite song–my absolute FAVORITE Tupac song–but realized “So Many Tears” is a better fit for my family members’ situations. This is dedicated to both my late sister and mother, who “…suffered through many years and shed so many tears”.  I can’t be honest without rufflin’ some feathers and makin’ my knuckles ache, so I’ll just say they should have been given more.

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Common: The Light (2000)

This mornin’, I’d gotten off to a shaky start. After musterin’ the courage to ask my tutor for a modified session (and after she was gracious enough to humor my request), I started with some Eddy Kenzo, which led to this favorite (which really got me goin’), then rolled into this old favorite by Common. I’m not the biggest Common fan. I don’t hate him. In fact, I like him; he’s just not my favorite — although he is GREEEAT to see live, and one of his albums is one…

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Mary Mary: Dirt (2008)

I’m so happy and proud I could burst wide open! I just finished an online CBEST reading and writing prep session with a tutoring student. Originally, we tried to meet this Saturday past, but because somebody’s (read: my) back-up computer was Poltergeist-ridden, we decided to reschedule to today.

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