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Quick Vote to Expand Pastor White’s Organic Farm!

Help this 2014 Small Farmer of the Year win a $75,000 grant to expand his family’s farm and provide organic produce and chemical free meat to his customers. Your time is valuable, but it won’t kill you to take two and half fonky (yes, “fonky”) little minutes to help Pastor White and his family get the boost they need. All you have to do is: 1. Click here. 2. Enter your email address. 3. Verify that you’re not a robot. 4. Click the confirmation link in your email. That’s it!…

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Emergency Road Kit includes pliers, ratchets, screws, electrical tape, jumper cables, bandages, ointment, gloves, a child protection warning, and a reflective sticker (for night access) Business Reviews 

Product Review: The Spinster’s Shoppe

Since havin’ my car broken into a few years ago (long story), I’ve been meaning to replenish my emergency implements. I’ve been meaning, too, to patronize a fellow schoolmate’s business. Well, wouldn’t you know it! My fellow alumna has a catalogue store, The Spinster’s Shoppe, that provides –of all things– a mini-emergency road kit.

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