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Honest Black-Owned Business Review: Patties @ Minto’s Jamaican Juice Bar

Truth be told, my favorite patty place is Leimert Park’s Ackee Bamboo. Being that I’m about a six-hour drive away from that beloved place, I’ve had to look elsewhere for patties.

Enter: Minto’s Jamaican Patties and Juice Bar.

This was my little cousin’s first Jamaican patty experience. She’s used to Nigerian meat pies, which she absolutely loves, so I didn’t doubt that she’d enjoy Jamaican ones. She is a teenagaer, though, so there’s no tellin’ what the outcome of this experience was going to be.

Mostly, though, I was really just poppin’ in to serve my own patty lust.

Here’s the run down (written review follows video):



Product(s): Beef Patties, Veggie Patty, and Spinach Patty
Company Name: Minto’s Jamaican Patties & Juice Bar
Contact Info.: 510.817.4821
Location: 1405 Franklin, Oakland, California, 94612
Cost: $15.44 (including tax) (Each patty costs $3.50.)
Date of Visit:
March 8, 2023

Rating: 19.25/20= 96%


Purchase Process – 5
My cousin and I ordered two beef patties and two veggie patties, chatted with staff, swiped, signed, then eased on down the road so we could get home and eat.

Customer Service 
– 4.75
The only — ONLY — reason I didn’t issue a 5 for customer service is because one of the veggie patties I ordered turned out to be spinach. Although I was exposed to something tasty that I’m glad I got and plan on ordering again, I have to be objective.

What if I didn’t like spinach? What if I were allergic to it? What if there was something in the regular veggie patties my body desperately needed? See where I’m goin’.

I know dude didn’t do it on purpose, and — again — I’m glad I’ve been exposed to the scrumdillyiciousness of the spinach patty, but it’s not what I ordered.

That aside, staff was kind, open to answering questions, interested in who we are, and open to allowing us to record them. To be clear: staff behavior was not influenced by the notion that footage was being shot and that a review would be posted. The personalities of staff members range from the gregarious to nearly stoic, but everyone is always kind and helpful. On the day of this purchase, we one of the more gregarious staff members helped us out. Before my cousin and I placed our order, staff helped a customer before us. Now that I’m typing this, I’m thinking I should’ve included some of that exchange in the video.

Beef Patties – 3.50
Veggie Patty – 5.00
Spinach Patty – 5.00

All the patties have a nice dough-to-filling ratio.

This was my first spinach patty experience, and it won’t be my last. Did I order a spinach patty? No. Did I eat it? Uh-huh. It was good, and I want more. My cousin got the actual veggie patty, which consists of cabbage, corn, carrots, and some spices. She liked it, and she’s not exactly the type to roll out the bed and reach celery stalks and kale chips. I’ve had the veggie patties, and I like ’em, too. They have a slight sweetness about them, but it doesn’t seem artificial. Think about it: cabbage, carrots, and corn are sweet. It makes sense to me.

The beef patties are my favorite. I didn’t rate them a 5 because they’re not the best I’ve ever had, and the ones we received during this particular trip weren’t the best Minto’s has ever served. Still, they were tasty and filling. Just thinking about them makes me smile.

I think I might make a trip down there, today.

Wait — is it even open on Sundays?

Product Usability 
– 5
We’re talkin’ handheld pies, people. How hard can it be?

Actually, if they were poorly constructed, I guess eating them would be a challenge.

The crust on these patties is durable, but you won’t chip any teeth. You won’t end up with a mouth full of dough, either. Additionally, the patties are nicely filled, but not superciliously so, so you don’t have to worry about wearin’ a bib.


Will I be goin’ back?


Should you go?

Yep. Even if you’re not hungry, there are teas, juices, and a few sweets in the shop.

Check it out.

Until next time,

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