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PRODUCT REVIEW: Breakfast Bowl & Lavender Lemonade @ Grand Rising Food Truck

To visit friends and get my dinner (yep, at 10 AM), I was headed toward the end of the lake (where all the markets are set up), but I didn’t quite make it because I noticed Grand Rising Food Truck. I’d seen the food truck advertised by some folks I’d met, so I’d be waaaaay outa (yes, “outa”) pocket not to stop and get me somethin’ to eat.

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Product Review: Macaroni and Cheese at Lena’s Soul Food

I thought Lena’s first home–the one that used to have the dollar menu–was closed. Now, I’m not sure. Drive by and see. Regardless, although Lena’s has expanded, and may only exist in the new larger location (where Soul’s used to be), I’m still writing this review based on one of my experiences at the old location.

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Black-Owned Goodies

So, I was all ready to post about yesterday’s jog, when it occurred to me that because it’s spending season, I should help route dollars to folks who may need them the most, instead of yammering on about yesterday’s whimsy and rain. To that end,  I’ll share a bit about my patronage of  the following businesses:

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