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PRODUCT REVIEW: Breakfast Bowl & Lavender Lemonade @ Grand Rising Food Truck

To visit friends and get my dinner (yep, at 10 AM), I was headed toward the end of the lake (where all the markets are set up), but I didn’t quite make it because I noticed Grand Rising Food Truck. I’d seen the food truck advertised by some folks I’d met, so I’d be waaaaay outa (yes, “outa”) pocket not to stop and get me somethin’ to eat. I’m not sure how I first encountered these good people, Danyelle and Aswad Aarif, but I do know that we’ve never met face-to-face — not once — in all the five plus years since we were electronically introduced. I’m not sure if they recognized me. If they did, they didn’t let on, which is good, because I have a way of gettin’ all extra when I first patronize my acquaintance’s businesses. Folks ain’t got time for my foolishness, so I ordered my meal and let everything flow naturally.

Here’s the result of that natural flow.

Product(s): Breakfast Bowl & Lavender Lemonade
Company Name: Grand Rising Food Truck
Contact Info.: [email protected], @grandrisingfoodtruck, (510) 289-7574
Location: Oakland, CA
Cost: $12 (Breakfast Bowl), $4 (Lavender Lemonade)
Date of Visit: 
May 2, 2021

Rating: 19.5/20= 98%

Purchase Process – 5
The prices on all items are clearly listed, so there were no surprises when I got to the register. They use Square and Paypal; they may use additional payment platforms. I didn’t ask if they accept cash.

Photo Credit: @grandrisingfoodtruck

Customer Service – 5
Before I’d said a mumblin’ word, as she was posting the menus to the side of the truck, Danyelle let me know that she was available to answer questions if I’d had any. It took me not-less-than 10 minutes to figure out what I’d wanted, but neither Danyelle nor her hubby hovered. They gave me space to determine what I wanted. When I was ready to order, Danyelle magically appeared at the window and helped me.

Product(s) – 4.5
Let me tell you: the bowl was densely packed with food (which was appetizingly arranged); it was fresh and hot; the eggs were not just scrambled with some cheese slapped on top. It was more like a cheese omelette snugglin’ down into the grits. PLUS they used American cheese (I think), the salt from which went nicely with the grits. The collards were tender (yes, I ordered the bowl that had collards) but not mushy.

THE LEMONADE, THOUGH! I think I’m’a have lime and lavender dreams, tonight. I know it’s lavender lemonade, but I think I detected a hint of lime. Whatever is or ain’t in it i’t’n’t my business. It was fresh and great. On top of the flavor, it was so potent that it withstood a mile-long walk, in the sun, back to my apartment. I was worried that waiting so long to get to it would dilute it. It didn’t.

The ONLY reason this isn’t a five is because the grits were a little watery, which may be necessary to avoid offending vegans by using milk or to avoid drying if people wait to eat their food or need to reheat it. Grits can be tricky little suckers.

Product Usability – 5
My breakfast was packed in durable, well-sealed containers. They gave me a straw and a spork/napkin/seasoning packet.

Will I be goin’ back?


Should you go, too?

Yep. They’re still at the lake, so get on over there.

Until next time,

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