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Product Review: Portofino Pizza Cafe

Earlier this year, in March or April, I was doin’ some local canvassing for my other business, and got hungry. There was a pizza joint on the corner, so I popped in, and learned that an East African family owns it. I placed an order, and liked the food and service enough to resolve to return. The following review is based on my follow-up experience.

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Bay Area Black-Owned Businesses Business Reviews 

Business Review: Miss Ollie’s

Earlier this year, I’d gotten wind of an art showing at Miss Ollie’s, a local Caribbean restaurant. I’d wanted to visit Miss Ollie’s for some time; I wanted to see the canvas work of Paul Lewin, first hand. I decided to knock out two birds with one stone, and I had a good time doin’ it.

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Clever Raven: Tennessee’s Best Small Business Contest

Clever Raven’s goin’ Johnny 5 on ’em and needs your daily click to win $10,000, via Tennessee’s Best Small Business Contest: http://offerpop.com//campaign/808852/entry/6712815

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