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Celebrating a Man and His Mirror

Spike Lee’s Malcolm X is one of my favorite movies; I love the soundtrack, too. Yesterday marked the anniversary of the film’s release, which was November 18, 1992. The weekend the movie premiered, I didn’t go see it. I wasn’t allowed to go to the movies. My parents did, however, rent the movie (and bootleg it for their kids’ repeated viewing pleasure, thank you very much) once it hit the video store.

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Two (2) Free Movie Tickets

Rules: All you have to do is download (if you aren’t already using it) our Black Business Directory app (RankTribe) from the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store and write a review telling us what you think!  That’s it! A winner will be randomly chosen from the reviews written between Feb 28th and March 2, 2017 and delivered to you electronically (via email) on Friday March 3rd. The selected movies are Moonlight or Get Out.  

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Hot Cinema

I missed Miles. I missed the Obama date. I missed somethin’ else I can’t remember, but I won’t miss these.

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