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Tupac: So Many Tears (1995)

Hours ago, I sat down to write a different post about another favorite song–my absolute FAVORITE Tupac song–but realized “So Many Tears” is a better fit for my family members’ situations. This is dedicated to both my late sister and mother, who “…suffered through many years and shed so many tears”.  I can’t be honest without rufflin’ some feathers and makin’ my knuckles ache, so I’ll just say they should have been given more.

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PRODUCT REVIEW: Breakfast Bowl & Lavender Lemonade @ Grand Rising Food Truck

To visit friends and get my dinner (yep, at 10 AM), I was headed toward the end of the lake (where all the markets are set up), but I didn’t quite make it because I noticed Grand Rising Food Truck. I’d seen the food truck advertised by some folks I’d met, so I’d be waaaaay outa (yes, “outa”) pocket not to stop and get me somethin’ to eat.

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Product Review: African Black Soap @ Dr. Lemmon’s Guud Stuff

For as long as I’ve been in Oakland, D’Angelo–owner of Dr. Lemmon’s Guud Stuff–has been engaged in several entrepreneurial efforts and in activities related to preserving the economic viability of Black folks. Some years ago, he started a pop-up market, where he sells more than just Black-made products. Socks, toothpaste, incense, peroxide, toilet paper, dish soap, lotion: you need, he’s got it. Luckily, for me, he sells Black soap.

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Product Review: Pucker Up Lemon Cheesecake by Crumble & Whisk Patisserie

Sooooo, it was Sunday, and I wanted cheesecake. I could’ve walked to my local supermarket and bought a not-so-tasty one, produced by a popular international chain, but I wanted something more substantial. I performed an online search for cheesecakes in Oakland, and up popped Crumble & Whisk.

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