Emergency Road Kit includes pliers, ratchets, screws, electrical tape, jumper cables, bandages, ointment, gloves, a child protection warning, and a reflective sticker (for night access) Business Reviews 

Product Review: The Spinster’s Shoppe

Since havin’ my car broken into a few years ago (long story), I’ve been meaning to replenish my emergency implements. I’ve been meaning, too, to patronize a fellow schoolmate’s business. Well, wouldn’t you know it! My fellow alumna has a catalogue store, The Spinster’s Shoppe, that provides –of all things– a mini-emergency road kit.

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Beautiful Postcards Fanned Atop a Wooden Desk Art Bay Area Black-Owned Businesses Business Reviews I Don't Care What You Got Ta Say About It 

Product Review: Paul Lewin Art

Art acquisitions aren’t a part of my budget, but communication tools are, so when I realized that I would not be able to buy one of Paul Lewin’s full-sized paintings or prints, I was just too happy to know that I could buy sets of postcards.

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