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Minding My Own Business

This morning, I was about to reach out to a major platform to pitch a written series, the first installment of which you’re reading now.  My aim? To show what happens when a less-than-optimally-successful self-employed person hunkers down and consistently follows specific pieces of advice he or she ain’t heeded since the inception of the person’s business.

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PRODUCT REVIEW: Breakfast Bowl & Lavender Lemonade @ Grand Rising Food Truck

To visit friends and get my dinner (yep, at 10 AM), I was headed toward the end of the lake (where all the markets are set up), but I didn’t quite make it because I noticed Grand Rising Food Truck. I’d seen the food truck advertised by some folks I’d met, so I’d be waaaaay outa (yes, “outa”) pocket not to stop and get me somethin’ to eat.

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Grocery Store Review – Mandela Grocery Coop

Not once in 2020 did I darken the door of this black-owned grocery store. I think living in the Age of COVID-19 just threw me off-track, but I’m ready to refocus, and poppin’ into one of my favorite stores was a good way to start.

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